MARYAM HASSAN is a 35 year old East London born woman who was living in Chicago, Illinois but is now back in East London. She likes the colour yellow, grocery stores, animal facts and really good night skies. Her favourite Pokemon is Bulbasaur and her favourite Sailor Scount is Sailor Venus.

She began her journey to Montessori in 2013, when she started a course in London, and didn’t realise how much Montessori would change her life. She is now an Early Years Directress, a job which she adores. She is constantly trying to find new ways to help her kids learn and grow and is a big believer that children should be allowed to explore creatively as much as possible. Her classroom is a place of visual expression, music and warmth.

Before becoming a Montessori Teacher Maryam worked in music and marketing. She spent 7 years at Punktastic, starting as a photographer and ending her time there as Deputy Editor. She championed new music, took photos of every band she could find and loved every second of it all. Her photos have appeared in many places from The Guardian to Rock Sound to The New York Times. Her photography nowadays is more personal, and music is still an essential part of life.

EMAIL: maryamhphotos@gmail.com