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The Joy Of Cooking

For as long as I can remember my mother and I have shared one great tradition, even when we didn’t get along very well this one thing kept us together and it was cooking shows on the BBC and Channel 4. Deliah Smith, Rick Stein, Gary Rhodes, Masterchef, Jamie Oliver, Two Fat Ladies, Ainsley Harriot, Food and Drink.. I can go on and on listing shows. But we would always

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Yogurt or is it Yo-gurt?

My goal for Ramadan was to cook new things. This week I started out by making my own yogurt. My mother is a little bit of a health freak, as in she honestly thinks your diet can fix pretty much anything that is wrong with you physically and mentally. We don’t always agree on things when it comes to her health advice, for example, I was the only child in

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