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Cut Up + Not Half Bad @ Burlington Bar, Chicago, June 2017

So I missed a lot of bands tonight because ya girl has to eat food and drink water at 8.32 right now because she’s fasting. This means eat first and then show. Ramadan is almost over and I am both sad and glad. Shout of to Mike Boren for being my iftar buddy and having tacos with me. I was super stoked on this show because I love Not Half

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Rad Payoff, No Men, Salvation, Rat Hammer @ Quenchos, April 2017

I want to talk about the show last night. The last few shows at Quenchers have just been so fantastic. Solid line ups and all the good people which leads to a night where you have the ABSOLUTE most fun. I was buzzing at the end of last night, it was so brilliant. The Chicago Punk scene is a varied, vibrant, awesome place full of amazing bands playing fantastic music.

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Two Shows, One Night.

I was thinking of putting the shows in separate galleries but then realise THIS IS MY BLOG AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT. So here you can have an insight into how my Saturday night went. It started downstairs at SubT for F**k You, Idiot, Double Feature, Drones and Post Child. I love taking photos of Post Child and F**k You, Idiot. It’s always a total joy and Mat

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Two Houses / Spill @ Downstairs Sub T, Chicago, March 2017

First things first, I have misplaced my favourite lens. Now I am a good photographer but I am very very DIY about it all. My equipment is all very well looked after, it just seems like I’m a little absentminded. My lens is in my apartment, I’m pretty sure of it, I just can’t remember where I put it. So until I find it I have ONE lens to shoot

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The Menzingers Tribute Night @ Quencho’s, March 2017

(No seriously it was Child’s Mind, Dethwarrent, City Mouse and Sass Dragons – I’m just fucking with you) One of the big reasons I moved myself to Chicago was because of the music scene here. I’m spoilt, I grew up in London and had all the bands and all the music on my doorstep. When I decided to leave it was important to me to be somewhere where I could

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The Penske File, Bong Mountain, What Gives? and Distants @ The Burlington, Chicago

Listen to some bands goddamnit – THE PENSKE FILE BONG MOUNTAIN WHAT GIVES? DISTANTS I spent a chunk of the evening leading up to this show talking about how I want to do band photos differently. I have ideas but nothing that will work entirely yet, so I guess until I figure it out you can just have photos from shows in the classic HERE ARE SOME BANDS way. I

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Between The Clicks

I’ve been taking photos for almost 6 years now, photos of bands that is. The first time I took photos at a show was at the Enterprise in Camden, a tiny, dark, dirty venue above a pub. I went to see Straight Lines and was so scared. Having never taken a camera to a show before, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I did know was that I

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Juliette Lewis @ Riot Fest 2016

Two Houses @ Liar’s Club November 2016

Last year I took photos of Two Houses for the first time. There are bands I will always love to photograph because I never know what shots I’m going to get. Two Houses fall in the category along with Foxing, letlive, that band that was called Baby Godzilla but now I can’t remember the name of the band, Throwing Stuff. There’s more but those are the ones that come straight

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