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The Penske File, Bong Mountain, What Gives? and Distants @ The Burlington, Chicago

Listen to some bands goddamnit – THE PENSKE FILE BONG MOUNTAIN WHAT GIVES? DISTANTS I spent a chunk of the evening leading up to this show talking about how I want to do band photos differently. I have ideas but nothing that will work entirely yet, so I guess until I figure it out you can just have photos from shows in the classic HERE ARE SOME BANDS way. I

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Between The Clicks

I’ve been taking photos for almost 6 years now, photos of bands that is. The first time I took photos at a show was at the Enterprise in Camden, a tiny, dark, dirty venue above a pub. I went to see Straight Lines and was so scared. Having never taken a camera to a show before, I didn’t really know what to expect. What I did know was that I

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Juliette Lewis @ Riot Fest 2016

Two Houses @ Liar’s Club November 2016

Last year I took photos of Two Houses for the first time. There are bands I will always love to photograph because I never know what shots I’m going to get. Two Houses fall in the category along with Foxing, letlive, that band that was called Baby Godzilla but now I can’t remember the name of the band, Throwing Stuff. There’s more but those are the ones that come straight

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