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Photo Adventures #2: Gold Coast

Mat and I headed down to the Gold Coast because I found out I could sign up for a 20% off Barnes and Noble card because I am a teacher. I am all for teacher discounts, especially at shops, I actually buy things from. I feel like our adventures have been about one of us needing to do something in an area and then just exploring the area. Gold Coast

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FIDLAR @ Riot Fest 2017

The last time I took photos of FIDLAR was at Reading a few years ago, the last big festival I did before moving and I enjoyed taking photos of them so much. Riot Fest was just as much fun except that one dude in the middle has the LONGEST hair now and is a hair-flipping pro. I love me a good hair flip. LISTEN TO FIDLAR. LOOK AT PHOTOS:

The Smith Street Band @ Riot Fest 2017

I love The Smith Street Band. I also don’t know how to pretend I only somewhat like a band to look like I’m cool, so I stood at the front after I took photos and sang my little heart out with some random strangers and had a bloody lovely time. The Smith Street Band are good for the soul, I don’t understand how anyone could watch them live and not

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Happy Muslim Women’s Day

It’s Muslim Women’s Day! My trek to being a Muslim woman has not been an easy one. We tend to grow up being told all the things we can’t do. We can’t date, we can’t go stay out late with friends, we can’t do certain subjects at school, we can’t wear sleeveless tops or short skirts or dresses with no tights. Growing up as a woman in Islam I felt

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