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The Menzingers Tribute Night @ Quencho’s, March 2017

(No seriously it was Child’s Mind, Dethwarrent, City Mouse and Sass Dragons – I’m just fucking with you) One of the big reasons I moved myself to Chicago was because of the music scene here. I’m spoilt, I grew up in London and had all the bands and all the music on my doorstep. When I decided to leave it was important to me to be somewhere where I could

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Two Houses @ Liar’s Club November 2016

Last year I took photos of Two Houses for the first time. There are bands I will always love to photograph because I never know what shots I’m going to get. Two Houses fall in the category along with Foxing, letlive, that band that was called Baby Godzilla but now I can’t remember the name of the band, Throwing Stuff. There’s more but those are the ones that come straight

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