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The Smith Street Band @ Riot Fest 2017

I love The Smith Street Band. I also don’t know how to pretend I only somewhat like a band to look like I’m cool, so I stood at the front after I took photos and sang my little heart out with some random strangers and had a bloody lovely time. The Smith Street Band are good for the soul, I don’t understand how anyone could watch them live and not

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Turnspit @ Riot Fest 2017

Another day, another Riot Fest gallery. After starting the Saturday with RVIVR, we ran over to that tiny stage near the lady on the motorbike balancing on a rope to catch Turnspit. This is where I quickly learned I could use one lens all weekend and was a very happy bunny. Shout out to my photo buddy of the weekend Mat Stokes, who was taking photos for The Bad Copy.

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RVIVR @ Riot Fest 2017

Let’s start on these Riot Fest photos. Riot Fest 2017 was wonderful it was just a really positive, friendly environment to be in. Everyone was super nice, everyone was on their A game and it was a joy to work at. It was also just one of the best festival experiences from a photo point of view as well, lots of great bands, lots of variety. Thank you, everyone at

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