I’ve had a lot of changes over the last few months and decided I wanted a proper place to write, about music, life, mental health and anything else that came into my mind. I’ve had a Tumblr for as long as I can remember but I wanted to start something more real. Here it is.

My name is Maryam Hassan. I was born in East London, lived there for nearly 31 years of my life before moving myself across the Atlantic Ocean to live in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been in Chicago for just over a year now. I’m a Montessori Pre-School teacher, an internationally published photographer, part of a DIY music PR collective, an occasional writer and a person trying to figure out how to be more balanced. I love the punk music scene in Chicago, I’m committed to trying to help make more people aware of how amazing it is. I love new music of all sorts. I’m secretly really interested in anime. I still play Pokemon Go.

My career in the music industry started at Punktastic, where I began as a the only photographer, became the visual media editor, then the US Editor and finally Deputy Editor. I was there for almost 7 years before leaving this fall to try something new. I needed a change, but I’m still not sure what that is or where it will take me. Music is an essential part of my life, working in music is all I’ve ever known really and I love it. Being a platform for people to get their music out to more people and helping people achieve more has always been what I’ve done and I want to continue to do that in every way I can. I want to get back down to focusing on what I love and writing about that.

I’m hoping doing this will help me stay balanced mentally, explore new options and make me more confident with my writing and push my creativity. This is about pushing me to write outside of my comfort zone.

Thank you for reading! Let’s see how this goes.