Listen to some bands goddamnit –


I spent a chunk of the evening leading up to this show talking about how I want to do band photos differently. I have ideas but nothing that will work entirely yet, so I guess until I figure it out you can just have photos from shows in the classic HERE ARE SOME BANDS way. I have been thinking about the process though. I no longer take thousands of photos per show, I don’t think I’ve done that in nearly 4 years. There’s something great about observing a band live before you take photos, you feel a real connection to the whole experience.

We got to The Burlington a little after the bands had started so I only caught the end of Distants, but they were great. I had no idea what to expect and I wasn’t let down at all. What Gives? are a band I’ve managed to not see live at all, which is a shame on my part. They are totally rad, and it’s cool and weird to see #BadAndy playing guitar and singing. So used to seeing that bad to the bone face behind a drum kit. Bong Mountain have had a lot of hype with my friends and are a solid punk band. The Penske File are always a pleasure to watch live. I am a sucker for the harmonica and big jumps and songs I can sing along loudly too. All in all a solid night, well done Chicago.