First things first, I have misplaced my favourite lens. Now I am a good photographer but I am very very DIY about it all. My equipment is all very well looked after, it just seems like I’m a little absentminded. My lens is in my apartment, I’m pretty sure of it, I just can’t remember where I put it. So until I find it I have ONE lens to shoot on.

This was a show I was excited for, and on the day of the show it snowed a shit ton and I bloody LOVE snow. So I get to SubT and I’m already super excited. But there are days when you go to shows and want to dance and sing and not take photos. Perhaps this was one of those shows. I love Two Houses and Spill so much, and the Winter Classic are such a great band. It was a bloody great show, even if the snow was keeping people away.

I am slowly but surely remembering why I love shows so much again, and it’s making life a little better. At least it’s making life a hell of a lot less lonely. We get cynical about the punk scene as we get older and I sure as hell can see it’s flaws so clearly a lot of the time, but no matter what it really does have a way of bringing all of us together.

Here are some photos:

Listen to some music (seriously these two albums are so brilliant):