Mat and I headed down to the Gold Coast because I found out I could sign up for a 20% off Barnes and Noble card because I am a teacher. I am all for teacher discounts, especially at shops, I actually buy things from. I feel like our adventures have been about one of us needing to do something in an area and then just exploring the area.

Gold Coast is weird. The architecture is super nice, the houses are so pretty, but it all feels a little soulless… I guess that’s how you know an area is well and truly gentrified though. When it’s totally devoid of charm and soul. The best part was going down to the beach to take photos of the lake and the skyline.

The lake will always be awesome to me, just the vastness of it. It feels like you’re looking out to sea. It was eerily calm the day we were there and there were leftover puddles from the storm which made for great reflection shots of my fav building in the Chicago skyline (the Hancock building).