So I was trying to get to Riot Fest from work to see The Aquabats. Do you know how much I love The Aquabats? I bloody love The Aquabats. They are crime fighting, pizza eating, punk superheroes. Alas I only made it in time to hear the last three songs as I checked in. But I decided hey! I will shoot some photos anyway, because yo, life does not revolve around the one band you were super excited to see. So I went to shoot Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers. I saw that one NPR video they did a while back that went super viral and I know they had been on tour with The Fronty B’s so I decided to take a plunge.

This band is not entirely my cup of chai BUT that one dude, Mr Hobo Johnson, he was so happy to be standing on that stage and his smile is infectious. Also in one picture he looks like Ralph Wiggum when Lisa Simpson broke his heart. Poor lamb. Go see for yourself.