Before I get into some monologue about shows let’s get to the important parts of this post. Chicken Happen have a new album out and it’s very good. Here are some link to that album and then the other bands. Music is good. Go and buy some.


The last time I took photos at a show was last year. I maybe shot two shows last year, one proper show. For the last two years or so I’ve had varying states on anxiety about going to punk shows. On bigger scales I’d have panic attacks before I left the house. On smaller scales I would feel terrible the whole way there till I got there and finally found my friends or I would just leave early because it was a little too much. Punk shows have been a huge part of my life for a long time. Some of my best friends I’ve made via punk, it was how I socialised for a long time. Watching bands was something I loved to do, taking photos of bands made me so excited and when that was taken away from me it left a really large gap in my life. I’ve talked a lot about healing lately, and last night I went to a show and there was no anxiety. It felt a little like coming home. Perhaps I feel safe in punk again, perhaps it was a one off. Time will tell.