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You Vandal

I’ve never been to a show at Reeds before. I mean I like to hang out there, I’ve sung karaoke there, I’ve seen comedy there and seen the book club meeting there but I’ve never watched bands play. To be honest with you I didn’t know how it would fit size wise, but it does! There are no lights and no stage and so taking photos is fun. I realised my camera was set in crop sensor mode for most of the show and changed it to full frame and almost cried. I’m a terrible person with technical stuff, why did I even change the damn thing to crop mode?! I’ve been wondering for ages why the lens suddenly looked like a 50mm when I know for damn sure it’s a 28mm. I’m an idiot, but taking photos was a joy. Every band was brilliant. Lots of nice people were there. A+ show. Well done Chicago. Well done bands. Well done everyone. Enjoy the photos.