January has felt 50 months long, and I was astonished last week to discover it was one week till my birthday. I guess January always feels long because payday is always more than four weeks away and going back to work after a break is always tedious. I have managed to read six books, watch 11 movies, get banned from Twitter, get unbanned from Twitter, embroider two hoops and paint 4 paintings. So I’m not doing too badly in productivity considering I’m working 5 days a week again and am always too tired to function once the weekend rolls around.

I am hungry to move again. I am not frustrated with having to live at home in the slightest. I’m lucky that my parents live near enough to London that I can commute easily to work or (pre-covid) to do things. London is ridiculously expensive to live alone in, and I cannot live with roommates anymore at my age. I need to come home and just have my own space and do things in my own time and in my own way. Living at home has allowed me to work part time, focus on my creative pursuits and save money for my next move out of England. It’s allowed me to get further education to help with those moving goals and to really focus on my teaching skills. I got a couple of early presents to help with my art, some HIMI Jelly Gouache paints and a graphics tablet! I’m counting down the days till half term where I can properly play with these new toys.

After many many recommendations I have started to watch Bridgerton. I read the book recently and thought it was bland. The author was hyped up to be the modern Jane Austen but I found the story predictable and the characters flat. Jane Austen provided wit and criticism against the society at the time and it’s hard to replicate that now. Also I hate when American authors write about Regency era England and just make up these absurd sounding names. The TV show is loosely based on the book. The book contains none of the good side plots, and 95% of the characters in the show are hardly featured at all in the book. I like it, I love the music most of all. I love how they have taken modern songs and made them sound of the time. It’s beautiful. The show is enjoyable and as someone who grew up watching period dramas I was always going to like it. It’s not something I find myself in raptures over, and I doubt I will ever come back to it in the same way I do the 1995 Pride and Prejudice or Wives and Daughters. Honestly, I just want them to start adapting Georgette Heyer’s novels into short series or films. They would all be brilliant. 

This is one of those weeks where I didn’t plan something to write about but the goal is to write every week without fail so there’s just going to be weeks like this I guess. In addition to keeping up with books and movies this year I am trying to keep track of music too. I have a Twenty Twenty One playlist over here if you want to follow it. It’s mostly going to be K-Pop, Japanese punk bands, mathy emo and pop so be warned. I’m super into DAY6 at the moment thanks to my friend Nessie who has been teaching me about K-Pop other than BTS. I like the non overly synthy bands a lot more than some of the ones that sound a bit too EDM for my liking. 

Lastly I am running a competition over on my Instagram. You can win 7 prints from my Japan collection, including one A2 print of my Ramen Shop painting which is HUGE. It’s super easy to enter, you just have to follow me on Instagram, like THIS post here and comment on it telling me where you’d go post lockdown! Go forth and win some cool art. Until next week….