It’s Sunday! I need to write! I don’t have anything to write about! I am going to use many exclamation points! I’ll stop now. It’s been really sunny in London the last week and I’ve been able to hang up my winter coat in favour of my hoodie or my leather jacket which has made me super happy and I got to thinking about how this has been a nice week. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened but I’ve just had a fun, exciting time. So welcome to the first installment of things that made me happy this week. I might do this every week, even if I have written something else to go up on Sunday because IT’S NICE TO SHARE NICE THINGS WITH PEOPLE. Wow. I’ve not talked in all caps in ages. That was nice. Be sure to comment and tell me what has made you happy this week!


If you know K-Pop Maryam you will know that she only discovered SHINee two weeks ago so technically their comeback isn’t a huge deal on that scale. But I discovered them and was then excited for the comeback because I wanted to see new videos. The great thing about K-Pop is when a new song is dropped you get a music video and then a whole load of live performances that generally showcase so many wardrobe changes and dance styles. I love it. The visual learning part of me absorbs it all in and is stoked on it all. So SHINee released their new comeback song Don’t Call Me and within the first 20 seconds of the video I had screamed internally in joy. The video linked is the Studio Choom dance version because it’s in such high quality you feel like they are in the room with you. 


I get to have two K-Pop things in a row because I can write about whatever I like. These videos came out while I was sleeping and this meant at 6am when I woke up to go to work I saw everyone tweeting about it and had to wait all day to watch. It was worth the wait. I still think Blue + Grey is a fantastically written song and this performance of it was flawless. Jimin looked like  he was going to cry at the end and broke every heart in the world. I think the cover of Fix You was just so good. Having the rappers do harmonies with the singers and everyone just proving (again) how talented they are. Just so good. We won’t discuss the idiots who made racist remarks about BTS doing a Coldplay cover because those people aren’t worth the time of day. BTS are great. 


I don’t eat breakfast during the week because I do intermittent fasting Monday to Friday. I find this super easy and honestly since I started doing it in September I feel like I have more energy and I look so much better. My skin is super clear. At the weekends though I indulge and my current all time favourite breakfast is fried egg and paratha. When I do it the egg has a super crispy edged white and a super runny good yolk and the paratha gets fried after in a little butter until it’s super crispy. Then the egg gets salt and pepper and stuck on top of the paratha. Usually I eat all the white with  my hands and then pop the yolk so the whole paratha is covered in it. Then I roll up the paratha and egg yolk and eat it all. IT IS DELICIOUS. This is all washed down with a huge, hot mug of cardamom tea with one honey. 


I think Rion Ishida is a ray of sunshine of a human being. His YouTube channel is full of just super posi, good videos about Japan. He’s from Osaka (and I love how he says this in every intro) and he just goes around Japan doing stuff but it’s his whole personality that makes his videos so good. He’s not as food focused as Mikey Chen (who I also love) and his latest video shows him biking the route of the Yamamote Line and he shows lots of cool things as he documents his trip. He got a Bulbasaur from a claw machine, and then said he had a little buddy to join him on his ride. He’s the best and every week his videos and live streams are just highlights. 


I’ve started to follow a lot more artists on my business Instagram account and I’ve found so many so inspiring. Heikala still wows me daily with her use of coloured inks. But this week it has been the cityscapes and urban stories of Keita Morimoto that I’ve really fallen in love with. He paints a lot of night scenes and I love how he captures light in nightscape pieces. His colour palettes are always a dream and he paints in oil, which I would love to do again one day. But even though it’s another medium it still inspires me with my gouache work. It makes me think about limited colour palettes and trusting the process of light and dark more. I find myself coming back to his Instagram feed again and again to find inspiration. 


I walk home from Gants Hill station through Valentines Park. The last year has really made me appreciate this park because I would come here to run and walk every day I was on furlough. I saw it change through Spring and Summer into Autumn and have walked home through it all muddy and cold in Winter. It’s a great park when it’s clean, and there is lots to see. I was walking home this week and it was a beautiful sunny day. I had my trusty K-Pop playlist on and I was happy. What made this moment better? Well as I left the park I saw the Ice Cream Man park his truck up ahead of me and when I got to him I ordered a 99 with a flake. I honestly think that soft-serve ice cream in the UK is the best and a 99 is a true creation of pure joy. I practically skipped home eating my ice cream and enjoying the sunshine. The ice cream from this truck, in particular, was creamy and the flake wasn’t stale at all, which is usually the downfall of a 99. I wish they served them in waffle cones instead of the wafer but that’s a minor complaint really.