So Ramadan is coming to an end. It seems that every year it flies by now, and by Thursday I’ll be sleeping through the night again and drinking enough water throughout the day. Eid is predicted to be Thursday and this is the first time in my entire working life that I’ve not been allowed to take the day off for it. I work three jobs and two of them were fine with me taking the day off. My English teaching job gave me the whole weekend so I could properly celebrate with my family (I work this job on Saturday and Sunday mornings). It’s got me thinking about work-life balances. I’ve always worked full-time jobs since I was about 21 and before that, I’d work weekends in cafes. I enjoy teaching because of all the jobs I’ve ever had, it keeps me on my toes. Every day is different and I love running a classroom and seeing my kids grow and learn. But the age range I am with now is so young, the sort of teaching I enjoy doesn’t happen very often. It’s become a cycle of settling in new children who are just turning 2, and it seems every few weeks we have someone new, and things all start again. I love my TEFL job because it’s teaching again, even if I’m given lesson plans to follow and the lessons are short. I get to see that growth and that joy of learning. 

I think it’s important to enjoy what you do for work, but that’s also a privilege that not all of us can have. We have bills to pay and food to buy and kids to look after and sometimes money just needs to come from wherever we can get it from. But if you’re spending 40+ hours a week in a place in an ideal world it would be because you enjoy it. After all, it gives something back to you and helps you grow too. Teaching is that for me, and when I’m in a good school where I’m supported it’s a perfect work/life balance sort of place because I work hours that fit my day and I’m never too drained to work on my creative goals. There’s also the bonus of a lot of holiday time to do things for me in. I’m impatient for new teaching challenges as I enter the world of TEFL more and start to branch out and apply to pre-school jobs and TEFL jobs elsewhere in the world. I’m ready to go. 

I didn’t have a plan for writing this week. Usually, I think of a topic I want to approach on my commute to and from work but this week I’ve just felt overwhelmed. By the settling in period, by fasting, by working seven days a week constantly. But Eid is this week and my family will be here and I am looking forward to having a better Eid than last year, a more normal Eid than last year. I love Eid. I especially love Eid in London because we all get together and eat a lot of food and share many presents, and generally, everyone is happy. I have fond memories of us doing giant family picnics in the park, everyone bringing food to add to the mass of blankets. Of my Uncle making salt beef and piles of dolma and eating till I fell asleep. I love everyone coming to our house for food, or us gathering in the park or at my Aunt’s house before she moved away. After our own family gathering, I head over to my best friend’s house down the road to join in on her Eid family celebrations and somehow manage to eat a million mince rolls even after a huge lunch. So yeah, this Eid I’m looking forward to smaller gatherings and lots of food. 

I have post-Ramadan goals. I want to do more filming for my YouTube. I’ve been inspired by a few people whose channels I subscribe to who used filming videos as a way to help boost their own self-confidence. I want to be able to do that, be a little more relaxed and less self-conscious. So every Friday I am going to try and film a food adventure video by myself in London. If I’m working across the city anyway then I might as well explore some food options on my way home. I need to paint more, my studio has been used a lot recently but not for so much painting. I also need to work on my novel and really double down on my Japanese lessons. Let’s not even mention the driving test I have to pass.  Lots to do and honestly, lots of time to get these things done. 

I will leave you with the latest BTS promo picture because well, LOOK AT THEM. JIMIN HAS RAINBOW HAIR. Till next week.